About Us

Hoop Dreams Inc.

Hoop Dreams Inc. is a nonprofit basketball and mentoring program located in Philadelphia. Established in 2010, it was created with the desire to empower underserved youth. We address challenges by providing resources that improve both student nutrition and physical activity. Our motto is “Live. Learn. Hoop.” We encourage others to LIVE every day to get closer to their goals, LEARN from all of life’s lessons and live a healthy lifestyle through their passion of HOOPING.

We focus on creating a safe and positive environment. Our goal is to help youths discover their own strengths and areas of opportunities. We want them to be leaders and motivators to their peers. Here at Hoop Dreams our students walk away knowing that they have the ability to achieve anything and to be responsible for their lives. It’s a great feeling when we empower our teens by teaching them how to develop positive attributes, enabling them to be self-confident and independent thinkers.

Because Hoop Dreams is a nonprofit organization, we are also instilling and promoting a volunteer ethic, which includes serving as ambassadors for furthering Hoop Dreams Youth Leadership. Our Programs and Events throughout the year consist of leadership workshops, a Basketball Academy, an Entrepreneurship Conference, a Holiday Brunch and Toy Drive, a Back to School Drive, and a Prom Drive.